U.S. Sends 36 F-16’s Overseas To Train Iraqi Pilots

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The first of 36 F-16’s is ready to ship overseas to war-torn Iraq. Even though the United States is as broke as a joke, Obama agreed back in August of 2013 to send $2.6 billion of aid to Iraq in the form of an air defense system. He has broken just about every other promise he’s made since taking office, but he’s making good on this one, incidentally.

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The U.S. has even been good enough to train the Iraqi pilots who will be manning the aircraft once back in their homeland. The training took place in Tuscon, AZ. The Iraqi Air Force Chief made a statement on the matter:

“They (IqAF pilots) will return to our country – then transfer that American experience of training to the next generation of Iraqi air force pilots.”

One can’t help but wonder if this latest support, although billed by the media as a grand gesture in foreign policy, is just another of Obama’s backdoor efforts to put weapons in the hands of our enemies. After all, the war in Iraq has proved to make Al Qaeda even stronger than they were before the U.S. intervened.

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So, how do you feel about sending this most recent $2.6 billion in aid to Iraq even though we are currently adding to a mounting national debt of over $13 trillion? Sound off in the comments section!

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