Canadian Man Accused Of Killing 4 Women: ‘I’m A Redneck, It’s What We Do For Fun’

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A man who is accused of murdering four women told police that the reason he was soaked in blood was because he had just beaten a deer to death, according to reports.

When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers pulled over 24-year-old Cody Legebokoff for speeding on a remote road near Prince George, British Columbia they knew there was much more to the story than he was letting on, so they pressed him on it.

Legebokoff allegedly had just killed 15-year-old Lauren Leslie when he was pulled over, and now he’s on trial for the murders of three other women, Jill Stuchenko, 35, Natasha Montgomery, 23, and Cynthia Mass, 35. He was pulled over on November 27, 2010, and all of the other women had been killed within the prior year.

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Legebokoff was spotted by RCMP Constable Aaron Kehler as he was speeding down the road through a forest. Kehler said that he thought it was strange that the vehicle didn’t slow down when it approached the highway so he pulled it over to see what was going on.

He signaled the driver to stop, then waited for another officer to arrive on the scene before questioning him. When Officer K.P. Sidhu arrived the two constables approached the vehicle and found Legebokoff with blood smeared across his face, chin, all over his legs, and a pool of blood on the driver’s mat.

When they searched the vehicle they found a multi-tool and a wrench covered in blood. The man tried to tell officers he had been poaching but they weren’t convinced and pressed as to why they were covered in blood.


Kehler told the court that Legebokoff said that they “took turns clubbing it [the alleged deer] to death.”

When Kehler asked if he poached often, Legebokoff told him: “Yeah, I’m a redneck. That’s what we do for fun.”

The officers also found a backpack on the seat, a wallet with a children’s hospital card that had Leslie’s name on it, and drink bottles that were favored by teen girls. This prompted a search of the woods where Leslie’s body was found half-buried in a rock pile.

“Immediately after the charter warning, Mr. Legebokoff turned to me and said, ‘I found her like that,’” Kehler said.

Legebokoff was immediately charged with murder, then linked to the murders of three other women and charged.

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