Study Reveals Being Gay May Be In The DNA

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In a truly shocking, and formerly disputed, claim, a study has recently revealed that being gay may be in your DNA. Of course, although the first initial claims pertaining to the matter came out in the ‘90’s, the understanding of the matter has evolved a bit since then.

In 1993, American geneticist Dean Hamer ran a study in which he examined the DNA of homosexual siblings. Surprisingly, he found a genetic similarity in the X chromosome – the mother’s side – that hinted toward homosexuality being determined by DNA.

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Of course, at the time, it was highly disputed as feelings regarding the matter varied from gay man to gay man. Some felt that it validated the time old claim that they were, “born this way,” while others felt that this may open a door for detection and, perhaps one day, discrimination or worse.

This year however, a larger group of gay men – who also had gay brothers – were tested to take a fresh new look on Hamer’s claims. As it turns out, he wasn’t entirely wrong.


According to the new study, homosexuality isn’t so much to be looked at as “gay genes”, but “love” genes specific to gender. Just take for a example a heterosexual woman who is attracted to a man – she would have “male loving genes.” These genes, somehow, are what is responsible for homosexuality in men as their “female loving genes” are non-existent and whereas “male loving genes,” have taken their place.

The same thing is visa-versa for lesbians regarding “female loving genes.”

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Although the study didn’t label anything with definitive results, it appears they’re getting close to some real answers on the matter. In that, they’ve grown to assume that the DNA responsible for homosexuality aren’t located solely within the X chromosome, but are all throughout the genome affecting the specific parts that determine sexuality.

So what do you guys think – could homosexuality truly be to blame on genetic makeup, or is this just more nonsense from a homosexuality progressive agenda hell-bent on tolerance? Let us know in the comments below.

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