Brutal Ghetto Parking Lot Fight

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Most of the time when people fight, once their opponent is knocked down or incapable of defending themselves any longer the fight is over. However there’s some out there that believe in taking things too far and try to permanently injure the other person, which would have happened here had someone not intervened.

The fight takes place in a convenience store parking lot between two black men. It’s unclear what started it, however it’s obvious once things get underway there’s bad blood there.

The heavier set man held his own for a little while but then his opponent was able to land a few good shots and it was all over. At that point the man who appeared to be winning tried to go too far and would have continued to stomp on the losing man’s head had someone not stopped him.

It’s sad that people used to fight to settle their differences then walk away. Now it seems like people just want to be thugs and prove something more by seriously hurting others, it just doesn’t make any sense.

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