Racist Mom Flips Out In Front Of Children, Calls Man “N*gger”

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Although Liberals love to claim that just about anything and everything that can be construed as racist is exactly that, the Right couldn’t disagree more. Although we acknowledge that there will always be bigots, when they’re caught on tape it’s actually quite detrimental to the argument.

Most recently, that just happened to be the case in Buffalo, NY where a white mother openly called a black man a “n*gger” in front of her children. Furthermore, she threatened the man and continued her obscenity filled rant from within mere feet of her children – an incident however that seemed normal as the children acted as if it was nothing new.

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I view the current stance on racism like this; there will always be bigots ready to shoot off racist remarks despite the clear downward trend of racism. This is comparable though to the idea that crime will simply disappear if guns were banned – there will always be criminals. It should be noted that this is strictly the opinion of the author, who by the way, encourages readers to make their own assertions.

What do you guys think – is racism alive and well or will there always be bigots? Let us know in the comments below.

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