Two Girls Stab Friend 19 Times To Entice Fictional Horror Character

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In a truly disturbing story, two girls have recently been brought up on attempted murder charges after luring their friend into the woods and stabbing her 19 times. The girls explain that it was all just an attempt to prove that a fictional horror character known as “Slender Man,” was real.

Two 12-year-olds, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, shared that they had planned on killing their friend from the get go in an attempt to prove the existence of Slender Man – a made up horror personality brought to fame through the scary website Creepypasta Wiki. As the myth goes, in order to enter Slender Man’s realm, one must kill another human before being graced by his presence.


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The criminal report outlines how the girls had decided to place a piece of duct tape over their friend’s mouth before stabbing her in the throat and watching her bleed out. Another theory was soon brought up as the girls thought about clean up and decided it may be best to kill her in the bathroom.

These plans were eventually thrown out the window as they finally settled on luring their friend into the woods at night – so that they would not have to look their victim in the eyes – during a playful game of hide and seek before going through with the evil deed. According to the report, “As they left for the park … (the victim) was walking in front of them and Geyser lifted up the left side of her white jacket and displayed the knife tucked in her waistband. Weier stated she gave Geyser a look with wide eyes and, when asked what that meant Weier stated, ‘I thought, dear god, this was really happening’.”



The report further details that the two egged each other on before working up the killer – who is still yet to be named – to go through with the act. At this point, it’s only known that the knife swapped possession a few times before one began stabbing while the other held their friend down.

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One of the girls was noted to have demanded the other, “go ballistic, go crazy,” on the girl right before the attempted murder began. They ended up stabbing their friend a total of 19 times in an effort to become worthy of Slender Man.


According to the report, the girls were certain this would work and had even planned on going away with Slender Man to his mansion on the outskirts of town. One girl even had a picture of her family with her to ensure she didn’t forget what they looked like.

The girls eventually left their friend lying on the ground to bleed out as they realized their Slender Man fantasy would never become a reality. That friend however worked up the strength to drag herself bloodied to a nearby roadway where she caught the eye of a passing cyclist.


He called 911 and the girl was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. According to one surgeon who operated on her, the girl came within one millimeter of her life as the knife was that close to nicking a major artery.

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One of the girls stated that she regrets attacking her friend while the other has said she is sorry. Both girls remain in jail where their bail has been set at $500,000 each. Furthermore, if they are convicted as adults, their sentence could be a staggering 65 years behind bars.

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