2 Murderers Caught Having Sex In Jail Cell After Breaking Free

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A death row inmate and a former acquaintance were caught having sex inside of a cell at Fulton County Jail after one of them broke out of his cell and convinced a murder suspect to join him for a little play in between the sheets.

Apparently, the over-crowded jail has had issues with prisoners being able to jimmy open the aging locks on their cell doors with toilet paper and soap, putting guards and other inmates at risk.

Convicted death row inmate Norris Speed was able to sneak out of his cell in the medical wing of the jail on May 26 to make a call when he came across an old friend named Jasmine Jones. Jones had been let out of her cell to take a shower when she ran into Speed, but she instead decided to follow him back to his cell for a quick romp in the sheets.

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Speed was sentenced to death for the 1991 murder of Atlanta Police Officer Niles Johangten, and has been held in the jail since July of 2011 due to ongoing hearings. Jones was booked into the jail in October of 2011 and has been there since for murder and robbery charges.

According to an incident report that was completed by Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Watts said that Jones “stated that inmate Speed popped opened the side door and told her to come into his cell. Inmate Jones then stated that she was tempted and let the lust get the best of her so she willingly entered inmate Speed’s cell although she was extremely nervous.”

Watts is the deputy who found the two in Speed’s cell when he notices that Jones had went missing.

According to Jones, the two had consensual sex in the jail cell. However Speed claims that because of the timing of the deputy he wasn’t “able to do anything.”

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