Teenager Totally Stumps Nancy Pelosi With Simple Question

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Whenever the name Nancy Pelosi is uttered it’s hard to not immediately think of the word “moonbat,” especially after listening to her talk for over 30 seconds. Well a group of teens that ran into the House Minority Leader were able to show us, yet again, why it is “moonbat” comes to mind when we hear her name.

Andrew Demeter is a self-described investigative reporter who runs the TeenTake YouTube channel and he was able to catch up to the San Francisco representative. What she thought was going to be a quick photo-op turned into her looking like a complete fool, but we’re used to that anyways.

“Why do you support the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous data collection?” Demeter asked.

“Well I, I do not, I have questions about the metadata collection that they were, uh, collecting,” Mama Botox replied.

She then tried to argue that she has fought hard for the privacy rights of Americans, claiming some of her “biggest fights” were with the Director of the NSA. She also managed to take a swipe at Republican Justin Amash in her comments.

Demeter fired back at her, saying “You did vote for a bill to continue funding for the NSA, though.”

“Yeah, of course,” Pelosi quickly responded.

From that point on she seemed to do nothing more than choke on words and confuse everyone in the room. Then again, she seems to go through life being very confused so it’s no surprise that she would have that effect on others.

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