Woman Tries To Burn Boyfriend’s Clothes, What Happens After Is Hilarious

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A video shows a black couple who appear to be in an argument and she think she’s getting revenge on him. However he manages to turn the tables and it’s absolutely hilarious.

It starts out with the woman standing in front of what’s presumably their home, and she has a pile of his clothes out there burning. The man comes out of the home to see what’s going on and discovers that she has taken extreme measures against him.

He goes back inside for a few minutes, then reappears with a large Tupperware container and throws it on the fire. Apparently it was her clothing that he threw on there, because she really didn’t like it and started freaking out about it.

The video ends with her chasing him down the street, obviously angered thtat her clothes were burnt as well.

What’s good for the goose, right?

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