Woman Publicly Canes The Man That Raped Her Daughter

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Often times justice goes un-served or sentences are given lightly, but that wasn’t the case recently. Brought out bound for a public shaming, a rapist was severely beaten by the mother of the girl he raped.

Making sure the 28-year-old man got the justice he deserved, the woman, coincidentally, is now looking at a few charges of her own for the justified assault. During the incident, a witness decided to whip out his camera and get everything on tape as the rapist lay bare-bottomed, bound by the hands and feet.

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From there, the woman took to giving the man a severe beating that actually left him with such injuries that he needed to be hospitalized. At this point, it’s unclear if the woman used a branch, stick or a real cane, but no one is arguing that the punishment was not justified.

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