2 Thugs Try To Rob Man, They Didn’t Realize He Was Packing Heat

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A video was posted to the internet that shows a pair of thugs trying to rob a customer at a convenience store then getting a dose of swift justice on the spot.

A man in a striped shirt is checking out at a convenience store, minding his own business. Before too long two men walk into the store and approach him.

One of the men appears to demand something from the man at the counter and that’s when things go really bad for him and his partner. The man in the striped shirt pulls out his pistol after being assaulted and turns around and starts shooting, hitting at least one of the men and possibly the other as he fled.

There’s no word on where this happened or what store it was in, however the video shows us all why it’s important that we retain our Second Amendment rights. Had this man not had his pistol there’s no telling what would have happened, he may have even wound up dead if the two attackers really wanted to be mean.

One thing is for certain, it will probably be a long time before either of those men try to rob a random person like that.

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