Leader Of Group That Developed Common Core To Repeal It In Home State

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The head of the organization that developed the “Common core” curriculum for school across the nation is now faced with the decision of whether or not to repeal it in her home state, according to TheBlaze.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, is “carefully reviewing the language in HB 3399,” according to her communications director Alex Weintz. The bill has passed both chambers of the Oklahoma state Legislature and would repeal the nationalized standards.

“She is taking several days to meet with parents and educators to discuss how the bill would affect Oklahoma children and Oklahoma schools.”

Currently Fallin is the chairwoman of the National Governors Association, which is the group that developed the standards for K-12 math and English along with the Council of Chief State School Officers. However she did not chair the group when it developed the standards.

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The Department of Education has tied federal funding to the adoption of the standards, making it difficult for states to repeal it. However many states already have, with Indiana paving the road to do away with the ridiculous curriculum.

Fallin has until June, 7 to make the decision on whether or not to repeal it, and the president of the anti-Common core group Restore Oklahoma Public Education, Jenni white, said that she believes that Fallin will sign the bill.

“As chair of the national nonprofit that instituted Common Core, it is hard for her to back off in her state,” she said.

“She is between a rock and a hard place being NGA chair. But she is taking tallies of the people calling her office. We are encouraged that she is listening to the people of Oklahoma and not just the NGA.”

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