Anti-Gun Group Likens Gun Owners To The Taliban

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As anti-gun hysteria continues to infect the nation on account of demonization by the main-stream media, it seems that even the sight of a gun is enough to put a Liberal on edge. Recently while at a restaurant, the anti-gun group Mothers Demand Action (MDA) bore witness to a crowd of open-carry activists who decided to grab some lunch.

Needless to say, the members of MDA threw such a hissy fit that the store management was forced to demand they vacate the premises.

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The members of MDA got their panties in a twist so much that they called the police and began photographing the “criminals,” who were there to intimidate them. As it turns out, the open-carry advocates were perfectly in line with Texas law, and the members of MDA we’re breaking the law as they didn’t ask permission to photograph the citizens.

In a later interview, Shannon Watts of MDA, likened gun owners to the Taliban claiming they were there to incite violence. Yet another Liberal grasping at straws in an attempt to prove that legal gun owners are nothing more than homicidal maniacs – a notion that is yet to be demonstrated in the slightest.

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