Want To See What A Server’s Tip From A Liberal Looks Like?

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A picture has been circulating around the internet that alleges to be a note left by a liberal to a server from a restaurant. Although there aren’t any other details surrounding it, it’s definitely believable that a liberal would leave such a note after you read it.

As you all know, servers aren’t paid the normal minimum wages because restaurant owners are allowed to include a server’s tips as a part of their total for hourly wages. So basically all servers work primarily for the extra 10-20% we leave after a meal, except for a liberal hell-bent on equality.

Liberal Tip

It’s one thing to have certain beliefs when it comes to equality and what not, but to punish someone who did a good job for you because you think someone else is getting screwed is ridiculous. However it falls right in line with the liberal/progressive mentality, which is bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator so that nobody feels like they’ve been treated unfairly.

These people are going to be the death of this nation.

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