Police Chief Caught Doing The Dirty In The Back Of An Ambulance

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A New Mexico officer thought his plan to sabotage his boss was perfect, until it backfired in his face and he was fired instead.

Jal police Chief Larry Burns was caught on camera by Sgt. Joshua Terrell having sex in and around a city ambulance, on two different occasions. Terrell had bad blood with his chief, so he thought he would use the tapes to get the chief ousted however Terrell is the one who ended up getting the ax.

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Burns’ actions did land him a two week suspension along with tarnishing his name within the city from being caught in a compromising position, however Terrell violated multiple city policies by planting the camera, then releasing the illegally captured video to the public rather than giving it to the City Manager.

The city manager said that Terrell’s actions made him question whether or not he should be in a position of power.

“To try to destroy a person that he did not like, I thought we didn’t need (Terrell) with a badge or a gun,” Bob Gallagher said.

He added that Terrell can’t be protected as a whistleblower since he made the tapes public.

Fortunately for the voyeuristic chief, Gallagher said that since it can’t be proven that Burns was on duty when the encounters took place and while his actions weren’t exactly appropriate, they weren’t illegal either.

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