Man Tries To Abduct Little Girl With Black Belt And Did NOT See this Coming

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A video that has surfaced on the internet appears to show a man trying to abduct a little girl who’s a black belt in karate, but he had no idea what was going to happen next.

Originally posted on MadWorldNews, the video shows the girl walking into an elevator alone and standing by the floor buttons waiting for her floor to come up. The elevator stops and the man boards it, then lurks in the corner without ever pressing a floor button or anything.

When the doors open the man tries to make his move, but she had quite the surprise for him and immediately pounced and took him to the ground. She proceeded to beat on him until the elevator stopped again and the doors opened, at which point she yanked him back in for more.

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The man eventually is able to free her grasp and run, but she chases after him.

There’s no word if there were any arrests from the incident or if the video is even authentic.

According to MadWorldNews:

“Some people think the video is staged and the man in the video may be an instructor or her dad. Some people think it is authentic and that the little girl gives the would be attacker the one thing he didn’t expect in a pint sized Ms. Bruce Lee. Either way, it is funny enough to give everyone a morning chuckle and keep them smiling the rest of the day.”

What do you think, is it real or staged? Let us know with a comment!

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