Kid Delivers Street Justice When Bully Attacks

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Despite the ongoing effort to limit – and ultimately do away with – bullying, it seems that the incidents are still a very real problem in today’s society. As we all know however, the bully is only tough until their victims fight back.

So was the case when a black girl began to hit a white boy while on the bus. Trying to do everything in his power to avoid a physical altercation, the boy even at one point asks to be let off. Having just about enough though, he eventually gets up and fights back.

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He quickly places his assailant in a choke hold where she can be heard gasping for air as the boy was holding her quite effectively. The panic was made even more prevalent when the bully’s brother began to freak out demanding the bully’s target release his sister.

It’s always good to see those who deserve it to suffer, wouldn’t you say? Let us know in the comments below.

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