Young White Couple Victims Of Hate Crime By Black Mob

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A young man and his girlfriend became the victims of a vicious hate crime while they were attending the Taste of Cincinnati festival. A mob of black teens attacked the man and when his girlfriend tried to stop them they turned on her too.

According to Local 12, the weekend was filled with random violence and the couple weren’t the only victims. Another man reported that a group of nearly 20 black teenage girls attacked him, stomping and kicking him while he was waiting for a bus.

Footage taken from a city bus shows a group of teens who appear to be running away from the area where Jon Deters was laying on the ground after he too was stomped and kicked repeatedly, which resulted in a concussion.

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The attack occurred as Deter was attempting to help his sister pull out of a parking space. Eyewitnesses to the account said that’s all he was doing when he was jumped by the mob. One of the victims also said that the group of thug seemed to enjoy hurting him.

In the video Deters appears to by trying to get up off the ground as the thugs flee. Witnesses said that he was punched and then fell to the cement, after which they began to punch, kick, and stomp him. When his girlfriend tried to intervene and help him, the hugs then turned on her and knocked her out.

One witness said that she heard the mob yelling racial slurs while they were attacking Deters.

Police have videos from the different assaults and are comparing them to see if the same faces show up in them. They also said that no arrests have been made in connection with the attacks.

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