‘Armed And Dangerous’ Bombing Suspect Was Democrat Operative

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On Sunday we reported that the FBI searched the apartment of Ryan Chamberlain and found massive amounts of ricin and explosives inside. They put out a BOLO (be on the lookout) for Chamberlain, warning people to stay away from him because he’s considered “armed and dangerous,” and they believed his car may be rigged with explosives.

Chamberlain’s tweets showed us all that he’s as liberal as they come, citing things like climate change and mentioning the “Foxification” of America. However reports about him and what the FBI have been scarce, since he’s not a right-wing conservative and all.


It turns out the substance they found in his home wasn’t ricin, however the FBI did confirm that there was explosive at the residence. Now it’s being reported by a local media outlet in California that the radical leftist also worked as an operative for the Democrat Party.

FBI Hunting For INSANE Liberal After Finding Huge Stash Of Ricin And Explosives In Home

According to KTVU:

“KTVU has learned Chamberlain was involved in sports marketing, taught a semester at University of San Francisco in 2011, and was active in political circles.

“I was shocked. It blew me away,” said Howard Epstein, the past chair of the San Francisco Republican Party.

Epstein said he worked with Chamberlain years ago before Chamberlain switched sides and joined the Democratic Party’s efforts.

“The only one I know that he worked with after he left the party was Gavin Newsom. He was an organizer when Gavin ran for mayor,” said Epstein.

Alex Clemens of Barbary Coast Consulting hired him as a contractor for about a month back in 2009 and has known him through political circles for more than a decade. He described Chamberlain as a competent political operative.

“He worked every cycle on a campaign, or two or three, and you don’t survive in the very high stakes of San Francisco politics without being competent,” said Clemens.”

What’s sad is conservatives are often painted as domestic terrorists yet nearly every mass shooting has been carried out by a liberal/progressive, and when cases like this pop up there’s a media blackout on it. Had this been a right-winger, you know it would be national headlines.

They say there’s no media bias. Right.

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