1920’s Sub-Machine Gun Commercial Would Drive Gun Grabbers INSANE

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There was a time in America when people could order fully automatic machine guns through the mail and have them delivered to their door steps without any special licenses or permits. The above video is from that time and shows an ad for a Thompson full-auto sub-machine gun, and there’s no doubt that if it aired today the gun grabbers would go absolutely insane.

The ad shows police using the gun in different scenarios after saying that the “Tommy Gun,” as they’re more popularly known as, is how Uncle Same deals with problems. Police then are seen riding around on a motorcycle shooting the living hell out of everything in their paths.

The video is a great example of how America used to be before the liberal/progressive movement came around. Such an ad wouldn’t even be allowed on the television today for fear that it would either offend or scare someone, yet back in the 20’s people could just walk into a store and buy one of these. Now the mere sight of a gun sends people off the deep-end and into a child-like fit because they’re so afraid.

It’s insane to think about how far our freedoms have been eroded both in the name of security and fear of offending others. Make sure you show this to your friends, and any gun-grabbers you may know, to show them how things used to be in America.

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