Veteran Teacher Suspended For Historic “Black Face” Video

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Demonstrating exactly what happens when Liberal agenda is allowed to infect society further and further, a veteran teacher of 36 years was recently suspended just two weeks out from retirement. While teaching African-American history in his history class, he showed a black-face video that the administration found offensive and distasteful.

For those of you unaware, blackface is an earlier form of entertainment (‘40’s and ‘50’s) in which white people would paint their face black and act out certain things as a black person.

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The odd thing in all this is that no students – nor their parents – found what Alan Barron showed the class to be offensive (and yes, there were even black students in the classroom at the time). Instead, in the name of “tolerance,” Mr. Barron is now looking at termination rather than a retirement party.

Just take for example Adrienne Aaron, whose husband is African-American and with who she has a child. Her daughter was in Mr. Barron’s class at the time and she notes, “She was more offended that they stopped the video. It had nothing to do with racism. History is history. We need to educate our kids to see how far we’ve come in America. How is that racism?”


Ms. Aaron later noted, ““It’s so sad this has happened to him. He’s one of the best teachers we’ve had. We can’t believe that this is happening.”

So what do you guys think – has Liberalism and the ideal of “tolerance” gone too far, or is it truly racist to even teach the history of racism in our country? Let us know in the contents below.

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