Government Putting Ridiculous Stipulations On Lemonade Stands

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Showing the exact effect Liberal agenda has on legislation, ridiculous stipulations have recently been placed on something as simple as putting up a lemonade stand. The bill was set to encourage young entrepreneurs, but as the left put in their two cents, it became a nonsensical laughingstock.

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The bill was brought forward by Rep Charles E. Meier, but quickly was added to by Democratic legislators. Now children wishing to sell some lemonade are required to abide by these standards:

1. An eight-hour food sanitation course. Price tag – $145.00

2. Label the food products and ingredients, so consumers know they are homemade. Price tag – $35.00

3. Obtaining a county health department permit. Price tag – $25.00

$205 to open a lemonade stand? And to think – the Left still remains adamant that big government is a good thing. Either way, a friend of Meier’s, Republican Senator Jim Oberweis, explained:

“This is absolutely insane!”… We ‘Illinois-ized’ the bill – doing things the way we do in Illinois, which is everything we can to discourage entrepreneurism to discourage business interests.”

What do you guys think – is this every bit as ridiculous as it sounds? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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