Anti-Gunner Gets Ornery When Open Carry Demonstrators Turn The Tables

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At an open-carry event in Fort Worth, Texas, an anti-gun activist who set out to record the group of peaceful protesters didn’t like it so much when they decided to record him as well.

It’s unclear what the man was going to use the footage for, however the video that the group Open Carry Texas posted online appeared on the Mother Jones website along with a lengthy hit-piece attacking the demonstrators, for doing to “James” what he was trying to do to them.

The video shows James using expletives and calling the demonstrators names when they pulled out their phones and started recording him, even though he had a professional quality camera he was using. James, who claimed to be in the Marine Corps for four years, was calling them “bullies” for taking their “assault rifles” out in public, which is perfectly legal in Texas.

Go ahead and watch the clip and see if you think this guy is a raging hypocrite then let us know with a comment!

Gun Lovers Demand Open Carry Through Massive Protest

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