Barbara Winfrey: ‘Oprah Robbed Me Of My Husband And My Home’

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In a shocking interview with MailOnline, Oprah’s step-mother Barbara Winfrey said that her step-daughter had a personal vendetta against her that ended up robbing her of her husband and her home.

On Thursday the 66-year-old grandmother said farewell to her $1.4 million home of 14 years that she shared with Oprah’s biological father, Vernon Winfrey. She was forced by Oprah to leave by midnight after a bitter 18-month divorce battle with Vernon, which she says Oprah instigated.

“That woman has set out to ruin me, destroy me.To take this house away is petty, this has been my home for 14 years,” she said.

“Oprah’s a billionaire three times over, her help live better than this. She said publicly that she offered to sell the house and give me the proceeds, but that’s a lie, she never said that.”

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Now Barbara is homeless and faces the prospect of living in hotels until she can get back on her feet.

“Oprah owns property all over the world so there is no reason to sell this house other than to spite me, it’s a personal vendetta.”

That vendetta was revealed when she showed MailOnline court papers that outline how Oprah conspired with her husband of 14 years to get Barbara out of their lives. She alleges that Oprah threatened to take away Vernon’s trust if he didn’t leave his wife.

Vernon denies the claims, however Barbara is holding her line on the issue and says that Oprah is one woman that you don’t cross because she’s the “Devil’s incarnate.”

“What she has done is nothing short of evil,” Barbara said.

“There’s a difference between wanting to hurt someone, but to destroy them? To take their money, to take their credit, take their property, I don’t understand that, that’s evilness I can’t comprehend.”

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