Government Paying Millions For Dead Patients Medical Premiums

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As it currently stands, the state of Illinois has recently discovered that it overpaid a whopping $12 million for Medicaid premiums due – the only problem is, these payments were for dead people. Apparently an audit discovered that some 8,232 of the deceased were still enrolled in Medicaid to which the state was paying.

Auditor General Bill Holland recently relayed, “A person was dead for 663 days and then they were signed up for Managed Care. They need to improve their system to ensure the death dates for current enrollees, and just to ensure that people who were deceased were not enrolled.”

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This sounds to be a bit more than a misunderstanding as tax payers are the ones footing the bill for the $12 million goof. As of right now, however the state is feeling a bit confident regarding the mistake as they believe they will soon be receiving all of the money back.

They already have received a reported $7 million worth that was accidentally paid and are expecting the remaining 5 in the upcoming months. According to spokeswoman Joanne von Alroth, “We expect to have it all back. The organizations and providers who were overpaid acknowledged that it was a mistake. This was disclosed to us more than a month ago, and we immediately addressed it… as soon as we were made aware of it, we took immediate action.”

What do you guys think – is this just another indication of government incompetence or does this kind of thing just happen sometimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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