Obama Quietly Allowing For Transgenders To Get Sex Surgery On Taxpayer Dime

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Obamacare has done a number both on America and her citizens in an effort to hold tightly to a legacy destined for one man. As many are still left unable to pay for insurance provided under the “Affordable” Care Act, it seems that Obama is willing to sacrifice even more tax payer dollars in an effort to satisfy the desires of transgender folk.

Recently announced, Obama stated his aim to help transgender folk get sex reassignment surgeries all covered by hardworking Americans everywhere – that’s right, the taxpayer. It seems that this country has a few quirks to work out leaving countless struggling without having to mind to the “needs” – for lack of a better term – of transgender folk.

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Before, this was completely off the table as an option as it is technically considered “cosmetic,” which means that its non emergent and he who wants it must pay for it. Now though, as Liberal “tolerance” further infects our nation, its considered discrimination to deny them this.

From a medical standpoint, it seems that it would be a greater risk to the life of a person to go through with such a surgery rather than leave their perfectly functioning organs just where they are. As it stands, those hard working folk in DC, have effectively overruled the ruling regarding sex change operations for transgenders under Medicaid.

Why not, it’s not like we’re not already in over our heads with all the worthless crap Liberals have decided we should be paying for – just throw it on there. Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

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