NANNY STATE ALERT: Sugary Drink Warning Labels Coming Soon

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At times, it’s easy to feel that the government is getting a bit too out of control when it comes to the ways it interacts in citizens lives. The most recent case only goes to prove that a bit more as the government is now seeking to place warning labels on drinks that have been deemed, “too sugary.”

The author of the bill proposing such a measure, Bill Monning, recently noted, “Liquid sugar is a significant and unique driver of obesity, preventable diabetes, and tooth decay.” He eventually went on to say, “Some people accuse this [bill] of nanny governing and yet it is the government that’s responsible to protect the public health and safety of its people.”

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According to KFSN-TV, if the bill does pass, warning labels will be placed on drinks reading, “Drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” Some however, aren’t too pleased with the recent idea.

Feeling as though the government has better things to focus their attention on – and rightfully so – certain citizens feel that this is just another way in which the government is aiming at injecting themselves into the lives of Americans where they aren’t wanted.

What do you guys think though – is a warning label actually going to hurt anyone? Do you think it will do any good? Let us know in the comments below.

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