Tolerant Liberal To Joe The Plumber: Hope Your Daughter Gets Raped

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Showing just how tolerant the left is regarding anything that doesn’t fit under the promise of liberalism, few progressive choose to demonstrate the hating, ruthless and vile creatures they pretend to fight against. Most recently Joe the Plumber released a letter saying, “Your dead kids don’t trump my rights.”

Needless to say, the response from the left was far worse than anyone could have imagined.

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Although Joe’s words sound callous, and perhaps a bit unsympathetic, these are the times we live. Evil exists, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that besides staying vigilant and being prepared if a similar situation were ever to arise in which you were involved.

Samuel Wurzelbacher

That being said, this response is just one of the many reasons I, personally, will continue to fight for gun rights for all Americans (yes, even Liberals). Take a peek below at just one of the responses to Joe’s letter that wish for the rape and murder of his daughter, as well as a few more delightful desires of Steven Weeks:

“F**k you a**hole . I hope your daughter gets raped by a d**k so big it splits her in two the shot. As for your boy kill him slowly one shot at a time limb by limb F**k you and your chicken a** rights only pussies need guns so that means you are a pussy. In fact I’ll pay to fly you to California so I can f**k you up. I bet you won’t even answer this if you do you will hide behind your guns. You see a**hole I’m no pussy I don’t need a gun to f**k you up got it. Again I can only hope that one day I read about your kids being f**ked up and beg to die but only slowly. Oh by the way motherf**ker I am a plumber too. You don’t know how to use a set of irons . I would enjoy destroying your credibility concerning the plumbing trade what’s a figure 5 fitting, what’s a durum system probably have to look it up so you do look as stupid as you really are go f**k yourself and f**k your family . If your mom is still alive maybe she will get shot Dad, Grandparents, sisters, brothers, anyone of your low life family. Hey, there your rights; right motherf**ker. you piece of s**t . In retrospect may be you are a plumber because are a piece of s**t. And I am also a vet what about you. Do you have your DD214 I sure do want to se it.(sic)”

Now that you’ve read it, let us know how this makes Mr. Weeks appear in the greater scheme of things.

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