Obama Announces New World Order: Video Claims Martial Law Coming Soon

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As many Americans fear the potential reality of revolution, it seems the days of an America acceptable of our framers are coming to an end. Most recently, both Obama and VP Joe Biden have announced the coming of a “new world order,” in which the younger generation were set to govern.

Our nation has changed so much at the hands one man in just a few short years and it seems that nothing is going to stand in his way. He’s already announced that if Congress gets in his way that he’s going to do everything in his power to go around them and do it anyways – and he has.

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You think Congress would feel insulted by this overstep of authority, but apparently not as their 6% approval rate consistently remains abysmally low. Instead, Obama is shaping the government into what he wants, in a way that will allow for him to remain in power should the people get upset and try to cast him out.

The announcing of this new world order only goes to prove that Obama does have plans for this nation although they haven’t been revealed as of yet. As we can only speculate the extreme growth in government, clear militarization of police, and blatant constitutional overstep all hint to something more sinister in nature.

Now this video claims we’re headed to martial law, but what do you think? Will Americans wake up in time before we become complete enslaved by our government, or is this all tin foil hat nonsense? Let us know in the comments below.

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