Liberal Couple Allows 5-Year-Old Daughter To Become A Transgendered Boy

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A California couple was honored on Thursday at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast for allowing their young daughter to become a transgendered boy. Jeff and Hillary Whittington received the Inspiration Award for a film they created showing the transition of their daughter from a female to a male.

At the breakfast, their 6-year-old “son” donned a tight fitting suit and tie with short hair and read aloud a prepared statement. “My name is Ryland Whittington. I am transgender kid.”

Ryland’s parents say that their daughter never truly acted feminine and by the time she was 5-years-old she had rejected anything that a girl would identify with. Because of this, they allowed her to start acting, dressing, and living as a little boy.

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They said that they sought professional help and did massive amounts of research as to why their first child didn’t behave like she was supposed to. According to them the answer became clear, their child was transgender.

According to their research they found that a child’s gender identity is formed when their between three and five years old. Now the couple refers to their daughter as “he,” “him,” and other male pronunciations.

So they cut her blonde locks to give her a boy-ish look, bought an entire new male wardrobe, bought her all new masculine toys, and even redecorated her room so it resembled that of a boy’s room instead of a girl’s.

Ever since their daughter has lived like a boy and the family has been praised by LGBT groups across the nation who have heard about their story.

So was this little girl just a tomboy or did the parents do the right thing? Let us know with a comment!

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