Duck Dynasty and Sarah Palin Team Up to Piss Off Liberals

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If ever there were a duo capable of pissing off the Left to no extent, it would be Sarah Palin and Duck Dynasty father Phil Robertson. The two recently came together to do that where they addressed the Republican Leadership Conference.

However, unlike their usual tactics, they steered away from their more controversial talking points such as homosexuality. Sarah Palin was there to endorse Republican Senatorial candidate USAF Col Rob Maness, whereas Phil spoke more to the party as a whole.


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Shying away from his comments he made while back – that the Left still feels so obligated to bring up despite their “tolerant” nature – Phil relayed to the audience that we must be more compassionate to one another. There’s one race on this planet, and it’s called the human race,” he noted. “Therefore you have no right to color-code anyone. We’re all the same family.”


His speech didn’t go without stirring the pot just a tad as he made sure to call out Obama as well. “We’re up against evil like I’ve never seen in my life,” Phil conveyed. “I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘What’s coming out of the White House?’ The only thing I can tell you folks is it’s just downright embarrassing.”

I’d say he’s got a point, wouldn’t you? Let us know what you think of this duo in the comments below.

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