HILARIOUS: Misbehaving Son FREAKS When Dad Has Him Fake-Arrested

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As we’ve all seen, parents can sometimes be at their wits ends when it comes to a disobedient child – but how far would you go? One father was brought to such severe extremes, that he persuaded the police to fake-arrest his child in hopes it would scare him straight.

It’s unclear what the boy did, but it was obviously bad enough to have the police make a home visit, but as they enter the house, the youth seems polite as ever. Calling the officers, and his father, “sir,” it isn’t long before the boy learns that he’s being placed, “under arrest.”

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As the shock that his father would allow such a thing runs across his face, he turns to his mother and cries out for her to save him. Heard screaming, “mama,” the boy clearly does not want to go to jail, but eventually begins to comply with the officers as he realizes all is lost.

The video comes to an end without getting the boys reaction, but what do you guys think – did it scare him enough? It certainly seemed that way. Let us know what you thought of this in the comments below.

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