Thugs Punch Elderly Woman In Face, Make Off With $100

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A little old elderly woman had the scare of her life recently after two thugs decided to come up and clock her in the face. Apparently after her belongings, the woman was hit so hard she fell over as her assailants made off with a few of her things.

All caught on tape, the 73-year old woman was simply walking while pushing her cart when two men seemingly waked by her. Just before making their way out of view however, they turned around and to confront the woman where they demand her valuables.

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The female attacker clasped onto her purse and tried to take it, but when she offered a bit of resistance, the male assailant hit her right in the face sending her to the ground. She was taken to an area hospital and treated for lacerations and bruises and reports that the thieves made off with her cell phone and $100.

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