Hillary Clinton Resorts to PATHETIC Fundraising Tactic

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Hillary Clinton may not be quite as popular as the left would like us to believe, even though she’s touted as America’s most loved woman. If she were then she would have no problem selling out to a crowd of 7,500 people in a notoriously liberal state, however she is and has resorted to an absolutely pathetic means in which to fill the seats.

The former Secretary of State is preparing to speak at an even in Colorado next week and was initially selling tickets for $175. However as the event draws near, organizers appear to be having last-minute jitters about selling out the crowd and have turned to Living Social in order to attempt to sell the remaining seats.

Why is that embarrassing? Well Living Social offers products at a steep discount in hopes they can attract buyer who normally wouldn’t have paid the original asking price, so what does that tell you?

The now discounted tickets are being sold for about a third of their original price at $59 per ticket, and on Thursday even dropped down to $53 for a limited time. If it’s any measure of how popular she actually is, even at the heavily discounted rate only 223 tickets have been sold.

Looks like the old windbag isn’t too well like even amongst her liberal base. It’s either that or they can’t use their EBT cards for ticket purchases.

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