Terrorist Defector Promised Citizenship, Gov’t Renigs After Years Of Service

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The fight against terrorism has been a long and grueling one – and the Taliban in Afghanistan being one of the most prevalent organizations related to the extremist movement, governments around the world would surely love to see its destruction. As tactics of war come about however, the best way to do such a thing, is from the inside and the Norwegian government was able to successfully recruit a terrorist as a spy.

Faizullah Muradi is a 22 year old terrorist defector who had been brainwashed by the Muslim jihadists from an early age – in essence, he was a child soldier. He was only torn from that life when Norwegian soldiers captured him in 2004 and were able to successfully recruit him to work as a spy under the promise of citizenship.

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Muradi agreed, was trained and went back to Afghanistan where he successfully infiltrated the organization under his prior cover. From 2004-2013, Muradi consistently supplied both the U.S. and Norwegian governments with actionable intel that lead to several foiled terrorist attacks.

When his contract was complete, in January of 2014, Muradi returned to Norway where he expected to receive his citizenship and was looking forward to a life not of war. Unfortunately, the government renigged on its deal – probably on account that he had previously committed crimes and acts of war against the nation’s soldiers previous to his service – and shipped him back home to Afghanistan.

What do you guys think – was this wrong to do, or unfortunately necessary? Let us know in the comments below.

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