New Gun Bill Allows Police To Seize Firearms, Prevent Purchases

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In a knee-jerk reaction to the fatal shootings in Santa Barbara, lawmakers in California have announced plans for a bill to create a “gun violence restraining order.”

The proposed bill would establish a system in which basically anybody who has said hi to you can alert police if they believe you have shown a propensity for violence. Police would then be able to investigate you and seek a court order to seize your firearms and prevent future purchases.

Currently only someone in the psychological field can start the process by alerting police if they believe a client may be at risk for committing a violent act. As of now, family members can call the police but if no crimes have been committed and the person doesn’t meet the criteria required to be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility then police can’t touch the person’s firearms.

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Naturally, this idea is the brainchild of Democrats in the state legislature. They don’t believe that their gun laws have failed, but that it was a failure of mental health laws and gun control working together to prevent crime.

“The tragic incident in my hometown of Isla Vista is not a result of gun laws failing,” Assemblyman Das Williams said.

“Rather, it is a horrific example of how our mental health laws and gun control laws are not working together.”

Democrat Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner also chimed in, saying “When someone is in crisis, the people closest to them are often the first to spot the warning signs. Parents, like the mother who tried to intervene, deserve an effective tool they can act on to help prevent these tragedies.”

While the actual idea is not horrible, in a state such as California where guns are treated as some sort of mythical weapon that when placed in the hands of a person turns them into a cold-blooded killer, there’s bound to be abuse. This is especially true considering the fact that Democrats consider anybody who wants to own a firearm as having a propensity for violence and wanting to commit heinous acts.

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