Dumb Officer Gets OWNED By Ex-Cop

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This incident is exactly the sort which has given cops such a bad rap as of late. A black man in his 40’s was detained by Canton, MI police because he was told that he fit the description of a man who had been exposing himself in the area. The black man just so happened to be an ex-cop and he caught the incident that unfolded on film.

Mr. Sylvan Triggs was a black man dressed in black shorts. This is exactly what police said they were looking for, but that turned out to be a bold-faced lie. The man who was reported to have been exposing himself was a tall white man in his 20’s – pretty much the exact opposite description of Triggs.

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You can clearly see from the police sketch below that the flashing suspect is not a 40-year-old black man.


Watch the video and you’ll see about fifteen minutes of Triggs being harassed by the cops after doing absolutely nothing wrong. He was just trying to go to the gym when he was surrounded by 10 officers. You can clearly hear one of the officers lying to him about the description of the subject they were actually looking for.

Even if Triggs had fit the description of the flasher, there was no need for so many cops. Luckily, he was able to outsmart these idiots and catch it all on film.

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This was apparently not the first time Mr. Triggs had “fit the description” for being a black male, either. Perhaps that’s why he knew to videotape the experience.

The most disturbing part of the video happens about half way in. Tired of the shenanigans, Triggs asks to speak to the officer’s supervisor, who is then called to the scene. When the sergeant arrives, he actually perpetuates the lie that was told to Triggs about him matching the suspect’s description! If this doesn’t prove that you can’t trust the cops, I don’t know what does. These are supposedly the most upstanding members of our communities, yet they would hang this man out to dry in a heartbeat from no fault of his own. Where is the honesty, the valor, the morality?

It would seem that the best thing you can do these days to ensure your own safety and the preservation of your rights when you have an encounter with the police is to videotape the entire thing. Would you agree? Sound off in the comments section!

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