Relentless Bullies Prompt Obese Woman To Shed Pounds And Become Beauty Queen

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Bullies are a long time problem in the school environment as they continue to tear others down in an effort to make themselves feel better. Knowingly hurting those they target, one woman claims she was the target of much harassment over the years and it eventually inspired her to become a pageant queen.

Keli Kryfko, 23, is the current South Texas beauty queen, but things haven’t always been that way. At one point in time, she, “weighed more than 200lbs when she was at middle school and wore a U.S. dress size 24,” according to the Mail Online.


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At age 14, she describes that after failing her P.E. test, she became known around the school as, “the fat girl.” After the intial sting of such an insult seemed to dull, Kryfko explains, “I knew that that’s not what I wanted my definition to be anymore,” and decided to make a change.

The first thing on her list was ditching soda – reducing all that liquid sugar for water had quite the effect. “I decided that I needed to make a change and I started by kicking out Dr Pepper which I always say was my toughest break-up to date,” she said.


From there, she explains, “I just used logic. I thought, well I probably need to eat less fried foods and maybe I can eat the burger without the cheese.” In just a year and a half, Kryfko was able to successfully drop 100 lbs overall, which, as you can imagine, gave her quite the confidence boost.

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She soon began entering beauty pageants and has already won, “Miss Allen 2012, Miss Limestone 2013 and Miss South Texas 2014.” After all is said and done, however, Ms. Kryfko gives the advice, “It’s really important to make time to love yourself and to compliment yourself. It’s really important to make time to love yourself and to compliment yourself.”

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