Monica Lewinski Slams Hillary’s ‘Narcissistic Looney Toon’ Comment, Fears Presidential Run

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Monica Lewinski finally broke her silence not too long ago and ever since the former mistress of Bill Clinton has had some not too nice things to say about possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, especially after finding out what Hillary said about her affair with Bill.

The former First Lady called Lewinski a “narcissistic Looney toon” in papers that were released from one of Clinton’s long-time friends, and Lewinski isn’t having any of it.

“I find her impulse to blame the woman…troubling” the former White House intern wrote in Vanity Fair.

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Although what bothers her more than what Clinton had to say about her is the thought that she might be running for president in 2016.

As speculation builds as to whether or not Clinton will make a run, Lewinski’s response is “I hope not.”

“In 2008, when Hillary was running for president, I remained virtually reclusive, despite being inundated with press requests. I put off announcing several media projects in 2012 until after the election,” she wrote.

“Recently I’ve found myself gun-shy yet again, fearful of “becoming an issue” should she decide to ramp up her campaign. But should I put my life on hold for another 8 to 10 years?

“Being a conscientious Democrat—and aware that I could be used as a tool for the left or the right—I have remained silent for 10 years.,” wrote Lewinsky. “So why speak now? Because it is time.”

Not surprisingly, the known Democrat speaks for every conservative out there who shares the same fear, granted for different reasons.

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