Chicago Mayor Has Outrageous Idea For Gun Control

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Chicago has gotten the nickname of the “murder capital of America” due to its seemingly endless wave of violent crime that has plagued the city for some time. In response to this, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has another brilliant liberal idea that he thinks will curb it. Videotape every legal sale of firearms within the city.

In addition to his sheer genius idea with the videos, he wants to limit firearm purchases to one a month, place a 72-hour waiting period on the purchase of handguns and a 24-hour waiting period on the purchase of long guns. He would also force gun stores to be audited quarterly and require special permits to become a dealer, which dealers would only be allowed to operate in specific zones that make up roughly .5% of the city, according to TheDailyCaller.

Big Win For The Second Amendment In Chicago

“Chicago’s violence problem is largely a gun problem,” he said in the report given to City Council Wednesday morning. “Every year, Chicago police officers take thousands of illegal guns off the street. But, despite these efforts, it remains far too easy for criminals to get their hands on deadly weapons.”

Despite Chicago having had some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation up until 2010, when the Supreme Court struck down the outright ban on handguns, the liberal-run city has always had problems with violent crimes and murders. However Emmanuel, like most idiot liberal politicians, believe that the problem will be solved by taking the rights away from the law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong.

One has to wonder when these politicians will figure out that it’s more much likely for someone to commit a crime with an unregistered, illegal firearm than it is for someone who has gone through the legal channels and followed the law?

Unfortunately that’s about as likely as Obama reading the Constitution.

Legal Guns Back In Chicago, Man Able To Defend Himself

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