Liberals Planning A Binational Town On U.S.-Mexico Border

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A huge train yard is the impetus for a controversial binational town on the U.S.-Mexico border. Union Pacific Railroad built their state-of-the-art facility where Texas, New Mexico and Mexico meet, making the already weak border of the United States virtually non-existent.

The business brought in by this rail yard has spurred a booming border town with jobs, housing, and free traffic between Mexico and the U.S. The Obama Administration is even working with the Mexican government as we speak to “eliminate all barriers to commerce” on the seven square mile plot. Of course, by this they mean to effectively make it as easy as pie for illegals to cross the border into our country.

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This year the nation’s railroads are expected to spend a record $26 billion improving their tracks and facilities, up from the previous record of $14 billion spent in 2013. This investment will surely make the already blossoming border town grow. Thankfully, it is an industry-funded expense and none of your tax dollars will be going towards upgrades which will aid a town full of illegal aliens.

With so many American cities starving for industry, it sure would have been nice to see the Union Pacific Railroad choose a different location for their rail yard. Lord knows there are enough Americans in need of a job that they could have found the work force to staff their enterprise just about anywhere. It makes you wonder if the government offered them any shady backdoor deals in order to build their facility on the crime-ridden border. Land was probably cheap, but with an extra $26 billion laying around for improvements, something’s telling me they’re not hurting for cash.

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For some reason, liberals tend to believe that immigration somehow equals economic growth. Even New Mexico’s Secretary for Economic Development was quoted as saying:

“Like many communities on the border, we have a much more fluid idea about crossing it.”

Barf. Making a case for illegal immigration based on location is completely ridiculous, yet not surprising in the least coming from the Left.

Despite the facts saying that our economy unequivocally cannot support the level of immigration that we currently allow, the Democrats turn a blind eye to pesky logic and push amnesty down the throats of American patriots. Let us know what you think of this new binational town which is quickly cementing itself on the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

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