Cop’s Treatment Of Open-Carrying Girls Will Shock You

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A group of girls from Mississippi innocently eating their lunch at a local Subway got the surprise of their life when cops showed up and harassed them. What did they do? Thy were legally open carrying their weapons with all the proper permits.

Unfortunately for them, there were some hoplophobic patrons there who apparently called the police because they couldn’t bear the site of a firearm. When officers arrived, they illegally detained the girls and questioned them even though they had done nothing wrong.

Apparently the cops were completely ignorant of their own state’s gun laws, and even went as far as to tell the one girl that her government-issued passport wasn’t an acceptable form of ID. On top of the mistreatment of the women, the cop also became irate once he discovered he was being filmed during his illegal acts.

Apparently even when the women asked why they were being detained or if they had broken any laws, the officer replied “I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to determine.”

The war on legal gun owners is really starting to go too far. When innocent people who are obeying the law can be harassed in such a manner something is seriously wrong and even those who aren’t gun owners should be concerned t the infringement of our God-given rights.

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