Donald Trump Releases Startling New Facts About Obama’s Citizenship

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Donald Trump has long been suspicious regarding the citizenship status of Obama and the adamant reluctance for the current administration to release his college documents. Speaking at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Trump made the shocking admission that there was a, “very big chance,” Obama was born in America.

The confession isn’t given lightly however as Trump explains Obama’s denial of a $50 million dollar deal to view the seemingly classified documents. The real estate mogul explains that he offered Obama $5 million to just take a peek at the records, to which he didn’t get a reply.

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Upping the ante, he eventually offered a staggering $50 million – to be given to any charity Obama saw fit – just to see the documents, and even insisted he could have cared less about the grades. Yet again though, Trump never received a reply giving him absolute confidence that Obama was hiding something.

After such a distinction was made, Trump was able to draw his own conclusions sure that the reality of that matter could only be one of three things. The documents were fine and that Obama was born in America and went to college as an American – an option he views as the most unlikely of the three.

He could have, in fact, been born in Kenya making his eligibility to be president null and void. Or lastly – and this is what Trump explains he’s grown prone to believe – Obama was born in America, but pretended to have been born in Kenya to receive the aid given to foreign nationals.

Either way, even if it turned out to be the third option, Obama would have been complicit in a felony, which also would have disqualified him from being the President of the United States. No wonder he’s keeping this one so close to his chest.

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I think we can all agree, that when you pass down $50 million – it only goes to prove that you have your holding something back. Heck, don’t believe us? You remember what Obama had to say, “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

Could Trump be onto something? Let us know your thoughts on this in a comment below.

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