Cop Having Sex With Cheerleader Scam Takes Over Facebook

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There’s a new scam that’s spreading across Facebook that alleges to show a video of a New York City police officer having sex with a cheerleader on the hood of a car. Now it’s spreading like wildfire across the social media platform as users try to catch a peek at a delinquent officer.

A recent post by computer security Graham Cluley outlines how the scam works.

At first you’re lured in to clicking on the link to the video from a post that was shared by a friend and looks something like what’s below:


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However once you yourself clicks on the link it takes you away from the authentic Facebook site to another site that looks just like Facebook. It even has comments from supposedly real people who have seen the video and are shocked.

This is what that site looks like:


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However if you do decide that you’re going to try to watch the video, you’ll see a message that says “Restricted video” and told that in order to proceed with viewing it you must first share it with your friends. This is how they trick you into spreading the scam around, then your unsuspecting friends will click on the link and follow the same routine.


Don’t be fooled though, even if you do happen to share the link you won’t get to see the video.

All this really is intended for is to be a money making funnel of sorts. The scammers make money off affiliate advertising and have found a clever way to rope people in to taking their online surveys.

So if you do happen to see this link, first off don’t click on it. Secondly, report it to Facebook as spam so their security team can deal with whoever is behind it.

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