New Video Evidence Surfaces Proving Explosives Were Used On 9/11

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Throughout the recent days, a few videos have been released furthering truther claims. Yesterday Mr. Conservative reported on a video showing a computer graphics glitch, and today’s video strives to demonstrate that explosives were used on that dreadful day.

Though the main buildings impacted during the attacks were primarily both World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, there was another building taken down that day – what’s known as Building 7. Said to have collapsed as a result of the damage sustained in the area directly from the collapsed WTC, the building was said not to have been able to remain standing.

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Many have speculated however that due to the strictly vertical drop that the buildings collapse seemed like that more similar to a controlled demolition. Recently released is a never before seen video demonstrating just that.

Shown in slow motion, viewers get the opportunity to see windows blowing out in what is assumed to have been the explosive charges detonated designed to bring the building down.

What do you guys think – could this have been the case, or is this merely the building giving way? Let us know in the comments below.

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