How A Black Man Infiltrated The KKK

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During the 70’s, civil tensions still ran high and the KKK was ever popular in an effort to combat the thought of civil equality.  Perhaps one of the most astounding stories of that time however, is how a black retired officer was able to not only infiltrate the organization, but fool the Grand Wizard himself.

Recently released in his newest book, Ret. Sgt. Ron Stallworth details how he was able to not only penetrate the ranks of the KKK, but make his way to the top.  Being able to enter the organization after receiving an generic postcard, Stallworth devised a plan in which he would not only infiltrate the organization, but bring it down.

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Several known members at the time were involved, including the then-current Governor of Colorado, Clarence Morley, as well as two other Senators who had ties to the KKK.  Stallworth explained that the overall organization of the branch was quite lax saying that all he needed for entry was to request it.

From there, he recruited the help of a white detective who would play him during the meetings where robes and masks weren’t required attire.  He also explains that the branch’s bank account was under the name, “White People, Inc.,” and when they inquired why he sounded different over the phone than in person, he simply explained, “sinus issues,” and it was never brought up again.

Making his way through the ranks, and eventually becoming the leader of his local chapter, he cozied up to the organization’s Grand Wizard and even played him for a fool.  During one conversation over the phone, Grand Wizard David Duke said, “I can always tell when I’m talking to a n——-. Take you for example. I can tell that you’re a pure Aryan white man by the way you talk, the way you pronounce certain words and letters.”

Sticking his foot even further into his mouth, he concluded, “N——-s do not have the same intelligence as the white man to properly speak English the way it was meant to be spoken.” At one point, in full KKK attire, Stallworth was even able to take a photo with Duke with his arms wrapped around him.

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Although no arrests were made, nor were any illegal weapons confiscated during the time Stallworth was working undercover, he explains that his time spent there was well worth the risk.  The retired officer explains that he prevented several burning crosses from making their ways to black family’s homes and successfully was able to stop the terrorization of a community.

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