Mind-Altering Bodybuilding Drug Turned “Virgin Killer” Mad

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As you’ve probably heard by now, the man – your young adult – that the media has dubbed, the “virgin killer,” recently went on a homicidal fit, killing 6 victims because no girls wanted to have sex with him. As it turns out, it appears that a little more than a troubled mind may have been responsible for his actions that day.

Chris Akin and Elliot Rodger became friends a few years back after meeting on a trip to Isla Vista. From there, the two became good friends, and although distance separated them, they communicated via video call on the computer weekly.

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In a last-ditch effort to gain the eye and affection of any woman willing to look his way, Elliot Rodger had reportedly started taking a mind-altering body building drug known as creatine. The effects on Rodger were so significant that that his friend quickly noticed the drastic turnaround.

Although creatine is legal, it does have widely reported side effects consisting of violent mood swings and depression. The drug is primarily used to put on muscle mass, and, as mentioned before, Elliot thought this may be the solution to his sexual frustration.

As it turns out, it may have been the reason for the violent explosion just a few days back. According to Akin, “The more I dwell on this the more I realize that it may have set him off and made him turn to creatine to drown his feelings.”

Akin shares, “He wasn’t very different at first, but after a while it seemed like he was getting into dark places emotionally.” Apparently Rodger had discovered the website bodybuilder.com where he learned of the drug and also expressed his desire for women.

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Of course, as one could expect, internet trolls and keyboard warriors took to mocking the boy quite severely. Akin shares that he kept an eye on the forums saying, “On the messages I saw they would taunt him and tell him he will never get girls and he will be forever alone.”

So what do you think – there’s no excusing what Rodger did, but could this drug have influenced his actions? Let us know in the comments below.

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