Vet With PTSD Turned Away By VA Dies In Gunfight With Police

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Amid the growing scandal at the VA with hospitals being overcrowded and veterans in need being turned away, a case of a Kansas City soldier who suffered from PTSD is under investigation.

Isaac Sims proudly served in the U.S. Army’s famous 82nd Airborne Division, however the violence he was witness to took its toll on the young man and his life tragically ended in his father’s garage after a standoff with police, according to TIME.

After being turned away by the VA hospital – with his mother begging for them to let him sleep on the floor – when he sought treatment for symptoms of PTSD, Sims was shot by the Kansas City Police SWAT team after neighbors called 911 because of his erratic behavior. Police said that Sims was shooting a gun from inside his parents’ home and was killed when he moved into the garage and aimed it at officers.

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The Staff Sergeant’s didn’t think he was a threat to police, however they did all agree that his life was falling apart and that’s what led to the violent confrontation. He felt like he had nowhere to run.

“The last six months have been such a nightmare for him. The V.A. kept saying, ‘we’ll get to you later,’” his mother Patricia Smith said.

The VA hospital in Kansas City referred questions to the Washington VA who said that they’re investigating the case of the 23-year-old Iraq war veteran. However due to federal privacy laws they wouldn’t comment any further on the matter.

The overcrowding at VA hospitals has been thrust into the spotlight and forcing Congress to hold hearings to figure out what was behind some of the hospitals falsifying their records to hide the extremely long wait times for treatment. Patricia Sims knows a thing or two about the VA system, being the daughter of a Korean War veteran, having a husband who served in Vietnam, and a son who toured Iraq, and she said that th Kansas City hospital is better than most, “But they’re slow; they’re overbooked; they put him off and they put him off and now he’s dead.”

According to his family, Sims was constantly moving around throughout his childhood while traveling with his father across the country as he sought work as an electrical contractor. They described him as gentle and peaceful, and he enlisted in the Army at the age of 17.

It’s incredibly sad that those tasked with helping those who proudly served our nation can’t seem to live up to the task at hand. Our soldiers deserve so much better than what they get, meanwhile we continue to support chronic welfare recipients and illegals without any chance at reforming those systems to prevent fraud and abuse.

Absolutely sickening.

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