Sharpton Makes Overwhelming Fool Of Himself On TV AGAIN


May 28, 2014 8:23am PST

Most of us know Al Sharpton as the grubby handed race baiter that he is, but for some reason MSNBC decided to give him an even bigger platform – the privilege of national television.

Given his now proven track record of incompetence, it’s a wonder why they’re letting him keep his job.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you “Al Sharpton vs. the teleprompter, round 2.”

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Needless to say, the fights a brutal one.  One in which its easy to distinguish that Shapton has done little to prepare for such a battle.

At the end however, he makes his worth completely clear, for all to see.  Shockingly, it runs along the parallel tracks of none other than Obama himself showing that without a teleprompter, he (whichever one you may be thinking) is completely worthless.

Shouldn’t competence be a factor when discerning who to put on national television? Wouldn’t continuing to broadcast someone like Sharpton decrease credibility? Let us know your thoughts on this in a comment below.



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