Edward Snowden Drops BOMBSHELL: “I Was A Spy”

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In a shocking turn of events, it seems that everything we thought we knew about NSA leaker Edward Snowden, may not have necessarily been true.  Although the current administration was quick to release that Snowden was a low-level tech guy, it appears their story may have been sugar coating the issue a bit.

Set to air tonight, is an interview Snowden had with Brian Williams in which he makes the startling announcement that he was actually a trained spy.  According to Snowden:

“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas, pretending to work in a job that I’m not, and even being assigned a name that was not mine.”

He eventually went on to say that he was a bit more than, “a low-level systems administrator,” sharing, “I am a technical expert. I don’t work with people. I don’t recruit agents. What I do is I put systems to work for the United States.”

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Delving a bit deeper into the specifics, he further noted, “What they are trying to do is that they are trying to use one position to distract from the totality of my experience, which is: I’ve worked for the Central Intelligence Agency – undercover, overseas, I’ve worked for the National Security Agency – undercover, overseas, and I’ve worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the joint counter-intelligence training.”

So what do you guys think – is there a specific reason that the government would intentionally downplay Snowden’s roll in government operations? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.


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